Odyssaum in Pont Scorff, Morbihan

Coordonnées :
Moulin des Princes - 56620 PONT SCORFF

In the heart of the Scorff valley, the Odyssaum invites you to meet the “King Fish”, discovery of fishing for young people…

With its new animated tour and 3 rooms, the new Odyssaum invites visitors to follow, with sounds and images, the over 3000 mile-long odyssey of wild salmon, the great river traveller.

Like Ulysses, its voyage is impressive for its nature (from the North Atlantic to Scorff River) and for the twists and turns along the way (predators, traps, etc.)

Every summer: special events – nature trips in summer:

  • Unusual shores: equipped with fishing nets, take a family trip to the banks of the Scorff and meet the riverbank’s inhabitants. Caddisflies, scuds, dragonflies, lots of fascinating bugs finally show themselves to us. (for over 5s)
  • Feet in the water: wearing rubber waders you can wade around and explore the weird and wonderful world of the Scorff, accompanied by an enthusiastic guide (for over 12s)
  • Secrets of the Scorff: following the footsteps of the Breton elves, walk along the Scorff with your family and discover edible wild plants, forest toys, etc. (for over 5s)
  • Fishing fans: first supervised fishing experience for young and old on the banks of the pond. (for over 7s)

Further information: www.odyssaum.fr

Odyssaum: wild salmon discovery centre