Sale of mobile homes: your questions, our answers

Ask us your questions by writing an email to: and find answers on this topic.

Can I live in your campsite year-round?

No, it is not a primary residence. The campsite is open 10 months of the year and you can enjoy it during this period.

What taxes are there?

No Council tax or property tax, only the tourist tax per night spent on the campsite, 0.50 cents per person over 13 years of age.

Do you have any models for show on the campsite?

We can show you round our mobile homes to rent (available for sale at the end of the season as second hand mobile homes).

Can I lend my mobile home to family and friends?

Yes, they are your guests, you just have to introduce them to us.

Do I have to maintain the plot?

The campsite is in charge of mowing and pruning hedges, you can grow flowers as you wish.

I already own a mobile home on a campsite, can I stay at yours?

Please contact us and we will consider your request together: +33 (0)

Do you accept dogs?

Yes, except for attack dogs and guard dogs.

Can we meet your residents?

Our guests would be happy to meet you, it is just a question of setting up a meeting.